Respected Biji Teacher.
I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. this year. Thank you for challenging me and pushing me to be My best self.
I believe that I have developed a strong foundation in mathematics that will serve me well in future.

— Aadhil
MES Qatar.

My experience with Biji maam was a very good one. If I had doubts maam would clear it for me and would also give me life lessons. Thank you maam for everything you have done

— Benjamin Varghese


I feel thankful to have been associated with Biji ma’am
for my grade 10 maths . Though I started classes only a few months before the exam , she taught me with lots of dedication and because of her I was able to score excellent marks in my board exam. Normally maths teachers are strict which makes a student fear maths , but Biji ma’am is friendly and made the subject extremely easy for me . I wish all success to Biji ma’am in all her future endeavors and no one needs to think twice before joining Tution with Biji ma’am .


— Achsah Vigin-Doha Modern Indian School , Qatar

“A teacher’s job is to take a bunch of live wires and see that they are well grounded”
Mrs. Biji Vijo is a perfect example of this wonderful quote. I have always felt truly privileged and blessed to be tutored by Biji Ma’am. Her constant support and guidance throughout this crucial year has enabled me to perform well for my CBSE class X Board Exams. With her excellent tutoring, I was able to score 94/100 for Mathematics with an A1 grade. She always makes sure that her students achieve their full potential and also pushing themselves even further. Thank you Ma’am for your continuous encouragement and prayers.

— Glenn Gibi George

The best thing that a student could receive is an understanding, patient and sincere teacher that is ready to help a student no matter what. Biji Ma’am has been that teacher for me . I had great difficulty doing grade12 math – with the online classes and all. Distracted and unhinged – I had huge difficulty learning math. For the past two months, with ma’am’s guidance I have been able to cover a huge portion of my syllabus. She has been blessed with the patience and the ability to help me understand any issue that I have . No matter how many times I keep making the same mistake and ask her the same doubts over and over again, Biji maam attends to my queries and helps me figure out how to do the sum with utmost patience, understanding and kindness. I am so grateful to have found miss Biji to help me during this turning point of my life. Wihtout her guidance, I would have been in distress with exams coming up. Now I am able to do most questions by myself without much difficulty and get the answers correct as well. Two months ago that wasn’t possible. So I will always be grateful to ma’am for how she has helped me learn the chapters that I find difficult and help me figure out all possible ways to excel the upcoming exams. May god bless her for her kindness and sincerity and may she always be the amazing teacher that she is.

— Helen Rose Lalgi

Biji ma’am’s class is very good. Classes are easy to understand. Regular tests for each chapter is very helpful. Classes did help me to understand complex concepts. Overall the tuition is really helpful.

— Rooth


By joining Biji maam’s classes I gained confidence upon myself… With her expert training, guidance and creative reaching methods I developed the skills to solve questions.. Thankyou ma’am for your motivation and constant support throughout.

— Jessica

I’m Fiya and I’m a XIIt student.. I have joined Biji miss class only after my 1st term board exams.. I am a huge fan of her patience a good feature that every teacher should possess…Even if she was asked the same question or doubt for several times, she will repeatedly explain it for the student to grab it… Since I am very happy with her classes I had recommended her classes to many of my friends.

— Fiya Mariya

I am Joel Victor. Classes with Biji miss have been so worthwhile and she has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable and always keeping it light. Her teaching methods are great, clear concise and dosent waste time in explaining meaningless background information and always lectures with the intent to help you understand the material. I have improved a lot. Thank you miss for guiding me the right way.

— Joel Victor

I’m Evelin J Rosent. I started attending her class from IXth grade. The way she took the class and solve each problem is interesting. She also motivates us for everything. She also motivates us for everything. Even it was online classes I could understand everything. She never made for any chance for network issues. She manages her time and took lots of effort for her work. Thank you for all those memorable days. I’m lucky to be her student.

— Evelin J Rosent

I am Sanjay V A. I started attending Biji mams class in IXth grade. Mam has an excellent way of teaching she doesn’t have any problems with my doubts however small it may be. Moreover mam is very patient. My marks have improved after joining in Biji mams tuition.

— Sanjay V A

Ma’am your class is good. If I asked doubts you will explain very clearly We enjoyed your class . thanks for the precious time as you spend for us. Thank you


— Ryan and Ria

We may miss the lessons that we study, but its difficult to miss the teacher who teaches the lessons.
I’m really happy to write this to my dearest teacher. I have got a great opportunity to be a student in your tuition class. Of course, I have been here for the past 3years. There are many unforgettable moments. Obviously, I can’t say any wrong comments about you is your aptitude for solving a problem in a proactive way. She is keen to solve any problem the moment itself. Your teaching is understandable. No words to say about that rather than a teacher she is a good listener too. We shares our problems, feelings etc… She is free to everyone. The main point that I have to highlight is that she clears every doubts. She will find time for us and manages everything. In my opinion she gives 100% of her work in teaching. Due to covid 19 cases I did not get a chance to see her closer. So I miss her love. Finally , thank you again for giving me a memorable days and enjoyment and being a student of you.

— Vysakh

I am Hari. Bijis tuition was very helpful. Though I joined late in the month of November, I was able to understand the concepts and clear my doubts. Thank you Miss

— Hari

I am Angel Rose. I attended Biji Ma’am’s Tution class in my 8th Grade and I was very happy with the classes. Eventhough it was Online classes, I didn’t feel any difficulty in clearing my doubts and for understanding a concept. The biggest speciality that I found in Ma’am is her patience. It was perfectly fine for her if I asked any kinds of doubts at any time, this is also a strong point of hers. Ma’am could give every single student special care according to their IQ level. Since I am happy with the classes I had recommended her classes to many my friends.

— Angel Rose

Maths was comparatively a difficult subject for me. But after attending Biji miss’s classes it changed. Her online classes are very interactive than any other .She gives priority to every single student and gives enough and more time for doing problems. The classes are so fun that we won’t take notice of time. And I should say my +1 performances in maths are way better than my 10th. I thank lord for having such a great teacher.

— Elizabeth

I am Aryan A S. I started attending Biji Maam’s Tuition classes from 9th grade. Today I am really glad to say that i chose Biji maam’s class. Although the classes were online but I didn’t faced any difficulties in clearing my doubts. And Biji maam was one of the best teacher I have ever met. Your classes helped in scoring good marks in examinations. I really want to appreciate and thank you for being such a wonderful teacher….the way you were interacting with students, your way of teaching and explaining everything was outstanding. We all know that you have took a great effort for these online classes and really hats off to that. Once again thanking for all your efforts and hard work. Thank you and God Bless…

— Aryan A S

The tution was very good. It made a great impact on me. It made the concepts easy for me especially in maths. Thank you.


— Alfred

I am Ann rose. I joined Biji maam’s online tution classes in my 9 th grade. I really felt happy and satisfied after attending her classes. She cleared all my doubts patiently. Her style of teaching is very interesting. She teaches in a way that all her students can grasp and understand the concepts very well. Though the classes were conducted online I felt like attending live classes. Thank you maam for teaching us in such a wonderful manner.

— Ann rose

My name is Anlin Kottakkal .I have been a student of Biji ma’am since my 9th grade . Her classes are really enjoyable. She does a great revisions and frequently keeps class tests to build up our speed and knowledge. Even though our classes were online because of the pandemic situation , her classes were so lively also she clears each and every doubts of ours. Thanks to Biji ma’am.I’m always happy to be your student.!

— Anlin Kottakkal

I am Kiran. T. S. I attended Biji ma’ams online tuition in my 12th grade. I had difficulty in understanding integration and differentiability . Miss helped me understand the concept and I had no difficulty understanding the classes and clarifying my doubts. I had a wonderful learning experience.

— Kiran. T. S

I αm αnnα biju. I hαve αttended Biji maam’s tution clαss for stαndαrd XII. Though the clαsses where online, I felt like having α fαce to fαce interαction with mααm. She hαs αn αmazing wαy of teαching so thαt the things αre understαndαble, keeping it light αnd fun. Thank you mααm for getting me through this hαrd and quick semester.

— αnnα biju

I am very glad to receive Biji ma’ams online tution classes for mathematics .The way ma’am give attention and care to all the children ….the way ma’am taught and the patience to clearing doubts and solving problems are all ma’ams quality which I have seen . Ma’am efforts and sincerity on teaching is just awesome 😍 .now as I expect good score for mathematics paper. Ma’am….thank you for your excellent dedicated tution class for mathematics.

— Lakshmipriya VS

I’m Nithin . I hαve αttended Biji maam’s tution clαss since my XI standard. I have attended her both online and offline classes. She would clearly explain the topics and it is very much understandable, whether it is online or offline. Thank you ma’am for your efforts during this pandemic period.

— Nithin

I am Aswin.P.Rajeev , studying in 8th and was going on with the online classes for tution for maths under the guidance of Biji mam. She takes the class in a very effective way and her own teaching methods. She clears each and every topic during her online lectures and also explains every doubtful topics. I felt lucky studying as her student and even I could clear all exams with maximum mark .

— Aswin.P.Rajeev

Hola….. I am Siya Shaji… Mam I have been one of your students for past few months nd I am really happy that I took these classes. I have greatly improved in maths thanks to u . Even though the classes were online, u helped us in any way possible . Thank u for these amazing classes mam.. I only wish if it was offline

— Siya Shaji

You were not the teacher we wanted, but the teacher we needed in our lives. Every class you took was a memorable experience for all of us and I heartily wanted to thank you for taking up this demanding duty of spreading the boon of education all around to your pupils. Thank you for being my teacher and I hope everything ahead becomes a memorable and enjoyable experience for you ma’am

— Ann Rose

My name is Sneha Jenny and I have been a student of Biji ma’am since my 8th grade.I honestly say that the only reason why I started loving maths, was her classes and it had helped me a lot. The past 5 years made me realize that mathematics is not at all a hard subject and all the credits goes to Biji

— Sneha Jenny

I am so grateful you were my teacher. Thank you for emboldening me. Your positivity and encouragement brightened my days. You made me a better more thoughtful person.!

— Igneesh MP

I am proud to say that I was one of Bijy ma’ams students. Her classes are much lively and pays attention to each and every individual. She teaches us with a lot of passion, patience and has a non judgemental attitude. I can proudly say that I passed my exams with flying colours because of Bijy ma’am.

– Maria Elsa Santosh

My name is Ronnie Boban. I was Biji Ma’am’s student for past 4 years. I personally feel that her classes makes mathematics much easier to understand. Mathematics is a tough subject but she teaches in such a way ,which makes it more interesting to learn and now its one of my favorite subject.
Thanking mam for her guidance and support

– Ronnie Boban

In 2018 I joined the tuition classes of Biji miss for physics and maths. It was a beginning of the journey of knowledge and care. Apart from the usual school classes Miss’s classes were always an asset. Miss was always eager to gave us with different varieties of questions. Besides the knowledge in the subjects miss always provided us with immense love and care Mam’s sincerity and loyalty towards her profession will always reflects the results of her students. Her classes are reliable to all types of students. Her compassion and care towards the students resulted in an unbelievably strong bond between us. As a previous student I honestly wish to be with my sweetest maths teacher… Thank you miss for your support and care.

– ArunimaAsokan

I would highly recommend Biji miss’s Tuition Center to anyone looking for good marks in Mathematics subject in Class 12 .Topic are covered in depth and allow children to understand concepts they might have struggled with at school.The teacher is very good and the way she let the students understand very fast and make the work very easier for them.Thank you very much for being so dedicated.Thanks a lot Mam.

– Aadilakshmi P Prasad

Biji’s Tuition Centre is one of the leading tuition centre in Chalakudy.It helped me a lot in scoring in my board exams.The method of teaching is exam oriented.We used to cover guides and entire NCERT textbook including miscellaneous exercises.Biji miss used to take classes in such a way that each and every student can understand.Doubts can be cleared at that very moment.Every student is given the right to clear even a small doubt.Regular assessment in the form of exams are conducted and marks are send to home so that parents can judge their wards.Biji miss can understand each and every student and can make children eligible of taking out their entire potential.She is very supportive and use to give special attention to the needed students.She gave me such a wonderful experience and made me confident enough to attend board examination.

– Achanya K S

Biji’stution class was a heaven. It’s a place where we are free to do anything and we are able to study maths much more effectively because math’s is a subject that need patience ,concentration and relief to study them in a better way. Biji Miss is not just a teacher for me she is also like a good friend and this made my studies easier. For all the students who aims for a better future I humbly suggest you to join Biji’stutioncentre to overcome your fear of mathematics and to score good marks in your exams.

– Aswin Jayachandran

Interactive session
Covers entire NCERT portions with stress free teaching


– AlenWinson

It was during my higher secondary classes i joined Biji mam’s tuition academy. Like everybody, mathematics was a herculean task for me, a huge thanks to Biji mams mother like caring attitude to me and each one in our group which made the learning fun and easy and as result we could come out with good grades in the final exams. I must say Biji mams quality time made me feel like it was my second home. I am truly grateful towards Biji mam for what I am now and I wish mam all the very best and successful days ahead.

– Chackochan John

The classes here have encouraged me to score higher marks and I am very grateful for that. The classes are very easy to understand and I was able to clear off my doubts quickly.

– Anuksha Maria Saji

I have been a student of Biji Ma’am for past 5years.I sincerely thank Mam who made me realize “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”.Biji Ma’am is so supportive and motivate at each point whenever it was difficult and they have helped me out.

– Haleen Simethy

Great tutor ..individual approach,great advice,positive attitude . Always on time , ready to help,intelligent and kind . Covers full NCERT text book and helps us to know the concepts very well.Thank you so much mam .

– Austin Antony

I have been a student of Biji ma’am for past 4 years.I have always loved her classes since the day I joined. Biji ma’am always motivated and encouraged us to do the best.The classes were very effective and understandable for all of us.She is really a good teacher and she always given the best for us. Thank you ma’am for your everything you have given to us.

– Clint E Vincent

My teacher Biji ma’am helped me a lot in math’s with her easy techniques of solving problems. Ma’am has good teaching skills and provided all students a stress free learning which is the only reason that my love for mathematics increased. By practicing, a lot of questions and by clearing doubts at any time. She helped me get rid of exam fear and score good marks in math’s.

– AswathiVipin

I joined in my 9th grade and it was the best decision I took. I used to study well but it was always a hideous task for me, especially when it comes to solving numerical.It is in this institution I received a base in solving problems in maths and physics. I was taught here to have a concept based approach rather than mugging things up. Things then became a lot more easier,as concept based study is that which brings out the full potential in a child. Having this base from my 9th grade I was able to score a full A1 in 10th,and 93% in PCB(physics 94%) of class12th. A really big THANKS to Biji ma’am,who had always been there for supporting me.

– Alice Samson

I was a student under Biji mam for past 3 years. Her method of teaching was best by making the students to understand every points of that subject. she always encouraged the students and the classes were very effective. She gave the strength for achieving the maximum for every exams.I am always happy to be your student.Thank you mam for emboldening me.

– Arjun.P .Rajeev

This year we appeared for the XIIth CBSE board exams and now the time has come for all of us students to express our gratitude . It was a crucial academic period and we are thankful for the teachers , our parents all those who gave us support and strength. Especially, Biji Ma’am who helped us out in the subject Maths, without her guidance such a fruitful result could not have been achieved. Ma’am helped us out through consistent support educative sessions with enough freedom for the students. We also practiced question papers with the help of ma’am; that made us thoroughly understand as well as practice the concepts. We had interactive discussion discussions between teacher and students.
I am thankful to Biji ma’am. She taught many life lessons beyond academics. Thank you for your effort and may God Bless you.

– Abel Joby

My name is Anjana Babu, and I am currently studying 2nd year BDS. I had gone to Biji Ma’am for about 2 years (10th and 12th). Thanks to her wonderful tutoring, I was able to score good grades for my board examination . She is an excellent teacher with good experience and can explain concepts clearly. Her classes are very enjoyable and she is extremely kind and friendly. She also does great revisions and frequently keeps class tests to build up our speed and knowledge. I recommend her for all students having any problem with maths.

– Anjana Babu

My name is Nandukrishna. I was biji ma’am’s student for the past 4 years. Basically at first i hate to study maths. My performance in maths was very poor. At last my parents took me to this tution class. This was a turning point for me. The way of teaching is excellent. She has a way of making every student to listen and make them catch what they are being taught. Her skills of teaching is so good that it made me to start to like this subject and finally i had got good scores in maths.
I am thanking u ma’am for making me in a good position.
Thank u for urguidence and support.

– Nandu Krishna

Looking for a best maths teacher??
Undoubtedly I can assure you are at the right place.

Hai,I am Alfynd I’m Pursuing my law degree at Eranakulam law College . My brother always consoles me ,”you will get good grade in maths ,if u find a right maths teacher “,whenevr I get low grades in maths. It’s jus basic student psychology if we love the teacher , eventually we will love the subject too..but the toughest part is finding that right one! And there I found Biji mam when I was struggling with ma plus two maths,being her former student, she was not merely a good teacher ,she was the BEST ONE I hav ever seen in my lyf.Not all well experienced teacher can be best , but those with much patience, care , concern and love for their students. And that is Bijimam. …!
She has never shown reluctance to explain the problems regardless of how many times we ask,and always made sure each of her student got the concept clear . Those personalized care and attention took my grades from C to A .So MAKE MATHS A MAGIC WITH BIJIMAM

– Alfy syraic

It was one of the most beneficial tuition Centre I haveever seen.

– Haris K Sumesh

The classes are very interactive and understanding. Covers the NCERT portions and exercises with ease.

– Joel Sony

“The fabulous endurance and prompt guidance rendered by Bijima’am, played a pivotal role to attain this excellent result in 10th grade CBSE Board Exam.”

– Erin Paul

Bijis tuition centre has set a new curve in my education. My teacher Biji Maam with her easy techniques it is her way of teaching, which inculcated law for maths in me. By praticing I achieved good marks in maths in my board exams,Biji maam has helped me in develop my skills in maths.

– Bharath Krishna